Jul 24, 2007

congratulashunz to da winnerz!

congratulashunz to da winnerz uv da squillion contest!
dragonheart will be puttin hiz dad'z pikshur in da best budz frame an hiz dad will be puttin da frame on hiz desk!
pablo will be fillin da void in hiz life wid da dogzilla salt an pepper shakerz.
skeezix, mao, an rocky will be playin heer no evil, see no evil, an speek no evil wid da wooden monkeyz.
finallee ... da grand prize winner iz ikaika. congratulashunz ikaika ... u will be givin sum money to da charity uv yer choice!
thank u to evreecat dat participated in dis contest uv da milleneyum!

Jul 23, 2007

it'z a squillion contest ... an u can win a grate prize!
welcome to laffin an laffin'z squillion contest!
any cat, bun, d-o-g, creechur widda BLOG or a CATSTER id may submit a entree or a comment
how to enter:
1-go to blogger an log in wid email address laffincontest@gmail.com + passwerd: squillion
2-chooz da pikshur u luv da most...tell da judjez why u shood hav dat frend (da monkeyz, da dogzillaz, or da "best budz") uv laffin an laffin ... inna poem ...inna pikshur ...inna short paragraff ... wutever
3-submit yer entree inna post
4-sine yer entree wid yer name anna link to yer blog or yer catster paje.
winnerz an prizez:
dere will be 3 winnerz hoo will receive da "frend" uv dere choice + a prize pack.
dere will be 1 GRAND PRIZE WINNER, chozen at randum frum all da entreez an all da bloggerz an catsterz hoo comment on da entreez, hoo will win a sponsorship in dere name to "best friendz" ... or a $25.00 contribyooshun to a charity uv dere choice + a prize pack.
entree deadline:
da contest endz 11:59 EST--sunday, july 22, 2007

Jul 22, 2007

Artus Smellin Dem Monkeez

i smell dem monkeez

i want dem monkeez

dis is my noez
smellin monkeez:
Gimme dem monkees?

you no be lookin
at my noez boogers
jus give me dem monkeez

i no my noez
not singin n dancin
like dem multee meedia cats
dat wantz my monkees,
by my noez be

i is Artus
send dem monkees to Jaya

Monkee Mantra

We is always saying to ourselves . . . WWJD (whut would Jeter do)? Then we turn to our grate life coach and brudder, Jeter. He is fearless, athletic, and has a grate attitude. So here is our Monkee Mantra that reminds us of how Jeter would handle things;

Monkeez, monkeez whut you hear:
Jeter Harris has no fear.

Monkeez, monkeez whut you see:
Jeter Harris in a tree.

Monkeez, monkeez whut you say:
life is never, never gray.

Life is grate!

Hahaha! We is laffin & laffin at ourselves cuz this was a silly entry! That’s whut happens when you has a good attitude . . . and is on NIP! It should go wifout sayin' that we likes da monkeez!

Submitted by Kimo & Sabi

Whap Them 'Til They Fall

Tho' other posts are funny,
sad, or crazy, or blue,
Those berdz should come to my house,
Cuz this is what they'll do.

The berdz will be filled with pictures,
of loved ones, small and tall,
and then I'll knock them over,
Looking down to watch them fall.

My mom will scold and scoop me
Up into her arms,
Replace the berdz upon their spot,
and tell me to stay far.

Their floofy heads will call me,
To whap them once or twice,
and then I know I'll nip them,
Baring them bald in a trice.

The faces they hold will be loved,
by Mom and me and all,
And though I'm told I'm not to,
They'll be whapped until they fall!

by Angus Mhor - http://heartfullocats.blogspot.com

Pablo's problem...

Lately, it doesn't matter what I do...

It doesn't matter where I go...

I just feel like there's something missing in my life.

... if only someone could help!

Dragonheart's Entry: Best Buds

I would like to win the Best Buds picture frame.

Why? Because my dad and I are best buds, and I would love to put a photo of us in it.

My dad is a great guy. He loves me, plays with me, feeds me when I wake him up at O-Dark-30, cuddles with me, and is my best bud!

On top of all that, my dad serves as an officer in the Canadian Forces, serving his country. He has gone on missions all over the world, helping others, and willing to lay down his life for our freedom. He is a very special guy.

Dragonheart of Dragonheart's Domain

Jul 21, 2007

Heer No Evil, See No Evil, Speek No Evil

WE WUNT DA MUNKEEEZ! Cuz we ARE da munkeez!!!!


(klik to play)

Entrey by Skeezix the Cat, Maobert and Rocky the Gutter Cat:


Derby and Virginger - Best Budz

Hey I need that picture frame for a lovely reminder of me and my lovely Virginer, we are best budz.

Virginger holds the very greatest honor of being the ORIGINAL and FIRST SQUILLION. If it weren't for mum adopting her and introducing her to the rest of the Cat Blogoshpere, well, you might not have been adopted. Virginger was the pioneer for all of the rest of her huge litter getting adopted. Heck the demand was so great that a the had to develop virtual Squillions to meet the demand. That is why you now have Laffin, your lovely GINGER, virtual Squillion.
So here Virginger and I are in our first picture together. We look so good together. This was on Febuary 28, 2006. Which we now cellybrate Squillion Day on February 28
She makes furiend really easily, like here with Phat Flower Eric. We just sit and visit. Plus all of the others she asked mum to foster and find good homes for. So she is a good bud to all sorts of other kitties too.

While you look wonderful sitting in front of that frame, laffin an laffin,I think the yellow of the frame would look even better with a ginger kittie in front.

Whoa, that certainly turned things upside down. Hmmm. that isn't quite what I was looking for. Let's try this again.

A nice picture of Virginger and lets see what she would look like by that frame.

Not bad but she would look even better with her picture inside that frame. So we want the frame, thank you very much!

Derby, the Sassycat and Virginger the Squillion.

Jul 20, 2007

Mommy Needs Dem Monkeys!

Hi Everybody, it's me Ollie. I have been doing a very bad thing since Mommy got back from her time in France. I have been jumping on the counter all the time. I used to do it a little but now I do it a lot. In fact, I've even taught my brother Mr. Chen to do it, too! Mommy gets very upset with me so I need to make it up to her. She LOVEESS monkeys. She loves them almost as much as she loves us kitties (but of course she could never love them more than that). So please, Laffin and Laffin... pick me to win them monkeys so I can give them to my mommy to make her not mad at me for jumping on the counter.

Thanks for your time and consideration! Ollie of Live, Love, Lick with Mr. Chen and Ollie http://chenandollie.blogspot.com/

Jul 19, 2007

Fwom the genius me....

Here's mine weason why I think I should have these d-o-gziwwa salt and pepper shaker fwiends.
Because mine Mummy does not have any salt and pepper shakers and when she puts salt into food, she uses a HUGE, and I mean HUGE spoon.
And as you know, I bewieve all of mine Mummy's food should be shared with genius me, this is usuawwy what happens to me when I've eatted the food which mine Mummy has put a genewous helping of salt into.
Yes. I faint fwom over-salting-of-genius-me.

So, for the sake of genius (and handsome) me, I think I ought to deserve the salt and pepper shaker fwiends.

This is Boy, by the way.
And mine bwoggy is at http://boybwog.blogspot.com

Jul 17, 2007

Not an entry, but Rexie has a Question...

Rexie-Puss could not sleep last night,
wondering about this.

So I promised him
I would make an inquiry

into this monkey business.


See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Say No Evil

Dear laffin and laffin,

We want to make new furriends with da wooden monkeys. In fact, we'd like to invite them to stay with us furever. That's right - right in our very own furever home with us!

First of all, there is three of us:

and there's three of them monkeys.

Secondly, we would each have a monkey furriend - so we would never fight!!!

...well, almost never.....

But most of all, we have seen mommy copy each of da wooden monkeys at some time or another:

especially when we're doing "exciting" stuff like:

- seeing a long line of barfed-up grass cuds
- hearin' all them crashin' and bashin' noises in our playfights
- or, our best one to date: droppin' her prized orchid plant and loppin' off its budding orchid bloom. A few choice phrases from da "bad werd" list escaped her lips before she realized it. Hee hee!

We would like to immortalize each of mommy's hand gestures and expressions in each of da wooden monkeys. That way, we can amuse ourselves to see how close we can get mommy to look like one of our monkey furriends....at least, before she comes after us with da water bottle.....

Yours truly,

Donny and Marie - http://mariethedefender.blogspot.com

and our big sis Casey - http://caseymeezerdiva.blogspot.com

PS. Thanks for da contest, Laffin and laffin! It'z cool!

hi Jeter and Laffin!!!

My name is Zelda Muffin, and my tabby sister is Ms. Tiger Woods. We are littermates, and Best Budz. Momma sez i'm a "few kibbles short of a meal" whatever dat means :) we'z ALWAYS togever.. and yes, i *do* look this goofy alla time! :)
So greetinz frum Canada, eh!

Dexter's Wish

I wish with all my tiny fury heart to win the best buds frame so that i can put this picture in it. This is the last picture my mommy took of me with my best buddy , my brother Pete, before he disappeared. I miss him lots and lots. I hope the judges see this picture and know how much it would mean to me. Thank you.
From : Purrfect Chaos